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Compatible operating system

You can install this software only if your operating system is Windows 10.

How to install

Visit Store to download easily. The installation has never been easier.


How to take a Typing Test and print a certificate

On the Typing Test screen, under section 1, is an extensive range of test texts which have been included. Select any to take a test. Next, in section 2, select the Duration, a typical typing test is at least 5 minutes long. Lastly click on the' Start Test' button to begin.

Once you have completed a test it will appear in the Complete Tests list. This contains all tests. Here select a test and then an option to the right to view results or a certificate. Both these can be printed out (unless printing is disabled by the network administrator).



Typing Games

Bubbles- In this game you have to pop the bubbles before they reach the surface. To pop a bubble, press the character that's inside the bubble. Each pop gives you points. If you press the wrong key, points will be taken away.

Clouds - In clouds, you will see a blue sky with clouds rolling by. Some of the clouds will turn sunny and a word will appear under them. On the other hand some clouds will turn dark and stormy. You can catch both types of clouds by typing the word under the cloud.

Wordtris - You have to type the words in a beam and catch it by pressing the Space bar before it hits the bottom.




Automatic Updates

If you get an update available messag during a startup screen, please update.

How to Uninstall - Use Add/Remove

You can uninstall this software from Windows Store section.

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